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  • Use key signals to connect to your passion and purpose
  • Create clarity for your dream
  • Identify action steps that are congruent with your dream
  • Course correct and stay on track

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What this formula will show you...

How to create a kickass lifestyle you love!

The 4 Most Important Tips:

  • How to use key signals to connect to passion and purpose
  • How to create clarity for your dream
  • How to identify action steps that are congruent with your dream
  • How to course correct and stay on track

About River                                                                     

River is a Certified Life Master Consultant and has a Master’s in Organization Development.                 

She received a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Oregon State University that launched a career in environmental policy at a national level. Facilitating large and polarized stakeholder groups  led her to seek out effective tools for providing collaboration, leadership and innovation. She has worked for private, nonprofit, and government sectors in process improvement, strategic planning, stakeholder collaboration, and facilitation.    

For over 20 years, she has studied transformation success principles.Taking an integrated, holistic approach, River combines her life experience and broad background of studies in systems thinking, emergent processes, dialog, quantum theory and neuroscience to support others in living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

She has devoted her life to transformation and how to live a life aligned with your authentic self. She helps others create a life they love.

Here's what others are saying...

 During my life, I have worked with some world-class coaches.  I treasure the coaching that I received from every one of those coaches.  But the coaching that I received from River Easter was the most effective, and produced the most astonishing results in the shortest period of time. 

Robert ~ Attorney, California 

I recognized how my inner negative thoughts were keeping me stuck and overwhelmed. The tools and strategies were simple and easy to apply to my life.

Samatha ~ Writer, Florida

My biggest obstacle was a sense of self-doubt and belief systems that had been programmed over the years that were not serving me. Debunking and deleting those programs was instrumental in getting clarity, and helping me create a space where I can focus on doing the best I can and being the best I can.

Curt Sommer ~ Energy Efficiency Expert, Author

The coaching program with River made my goals and dreams bigger.  The pandemic and other obstacles were still there but it was if we leapt over all of them and achieved our goals faster and easier than we thought possible. 

Nikki ~ Sacramento, CA 

I was struggling with career.  After being rejected by potential employers, I quite taking action. I was letting my fear, doubt, and lack of confidence stop me.  Worse, I was settling and had really given up pursing my dreams.  River helped me see how my thoughts and limiting beliefs were affecting my actions or lack of action and how to “get back on the horse” with excitement and enthusiasm for for my dream.

Adam ~ Seattle, WA

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